One of the most exciting and highly-anticipated times of the year for our chapter is the day we get to welcome new members into the Epsilon Phi family. Last September our New Member Team, consisting of our VP: Member Education and Director of New Members, and the rest of the chapter welcomed twenty-four lovely young women. 

Next year our New Member team will consist of VP: Member Education, Emily McCrory, and Director of New Members, Ella Cheramie. You can learn more about these ladies under our "About Us" tab.

The New Member Period is designed to transition our new members into the fraternity. It lasts for roughly 8 weeks, stretching from from Bid Day to Initiation. During this time, the new members learn about the fraternity as a whole and our specific chapter's history. This period also gives new members a chance to spend time bonding with their new sisters and their member educators, who we lovingly refer to as Nana Hannahs!