"Does Delta Gamma have a minimum GPA?"

The minimum GPA required to go through Recruitment at Loyola is a 2.5. Our chapter holds its members to a very high academic standard and encourages them to be heavily involved in their majors, so naturally during the recruitment process a Potential New Member's GPA is taken heavily into consideration. This being said, we recognize that women come from a variety of backgrounds, so we take many other factors into consideration during the process. It is our goal to promote a nurturing environment within our chapter that allows members to be the best that they can be in every facet of their collegiate careers.

"I heard Delta Gamma is not a part of Spring Recruitment. Why is that?"

Continuous Open Bidding, "COB," happens each Spring and is available to chapters on Loyola's campus who qualify based on their membership numbers. For many consecutive years, Delta Gamma has surpassed this number, and therefore, has not participated in this process.

"I want to go through recruitment, but I'm afraid I might not be able to afford membership dues. What should I do?"

Though each chapter's dues are different and payment options vary, Delta Gamma offers a variety of options for its members' yearly dues. Scholarships are offered at the national and local level, and payment plans are very popular amongst our members. We make an effort to work with each member to ensure that dues are the least of their worries so that they are able to enjoy the benefits of membership.

"Does a student athlete have time to be in a sorority?"

We are very proud to say that our chapter is currently home to nine student athletes! Though most say that membership during their seasons can be a bit challenging, our athletes unanimously agree that involvement is worth it. We understand the pressure that is put on our athletes and the requirements that their respective teams hold, and therefore, we frequently work with our ladies on a semester basis to ensure that they are able to fulfill their duties to all of their organizations. 

"I want to go through Recruitment, but I'm not a freshman. Does that matter?"

Absolutely not! Each of our Member Classes (formerly "Pledge Classes") has a number of members who aren't freshmen. When a woman goes through recruitment, her class standing is not a factor that is up for consideration.

"My daughter wants to go through Recruitment, but I've heard a lot about sororities in the media. What are the benefits of her going Greek?"

Loyola's Greek life boasts a fantastic reputation on both a local and national level based on our involvement on campus and in our community. We have the benefit of being on a small campus which gives each chapter an intimacy that many at large schools do not get to experience. Our campus-wide policy against hazing and efforts to live up to Loyola's Jesuit values have made the Greek experience very enjoyable and safe for everyone involved. When your daughter accepts her bid, she is joining something much larger than just herself- something that will connect her to women all over the world and open many new doors for her. She will immediately be immersed in a loving, supportive environment that will promote her success at Loyola through high academic standards, community involvement, and social responsibility. 

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